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Exhibit Archive

2017 Exhibtions

  Traditional to Contemporary: The Figure & Portrait
Jan 13 - Feb 3
OPEN CALL for figurative work & portraiture of any media, 2D and 3D, framed/unframed.\
Opening Reception - Jan 13, 7-9pm
Judged Show - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Honorable Mention and a People's Choice
Drop off work Jan 7-11 | Pick up work Feb 4-8
Judge:  Karen Azarnia

2016 Exhibitions

95th Anniversary Artist Member Juried Exhibition
Nov 11 - Dec 2
The Oak Park Art League's Annual Artist Member Juried Exhibition highlights the best work of our talented artist members.
Juror: Teresa Parker
1st: Larry Kolden, "My First Cigarette 1945" from the Autobiography "Hang'n With the Big Boys"
2nd: Amalia Kouvalis, Librium
3rd: Richard Laurent, Zahra's Garden
Honorable Mention: Janet Talbot, Another Garden
Honorable Mention: Shelley Timm-Thompson, Michigan Fruit Stand
People's Choice: 



Behind The Wall Exhibition

Art for Social Change: Behind the Wall
Oct 14 – Nov 4
Juried Exhibition for work raising awareness to journeys of conflict, pain, empowerment and peace.
Opening Reception– October 14, 7-9pm

Juror: Charles Gniech

1st:  Anne Smith Stephan, Clear Mystery
2nd:  James Tansley, Out of the Blue
3rd:  Suzanne Horwitz, Assault
Honorable Mention: Marisa Andropolis, Imprisoned
Honorable Mention: Sheila Ganch, Interchange

September 9 – October 7
OPEN CALLfor2 and 3 dimensional work where text, readable or otherwise, is integral to the form, meaning or intent of the work of art.
Opening Reception– September 9, 7-9pm
Judge: Mike Tewz, Artist & Musician
1st: Fran Sampson, Bearing Witness
2nd: Shelley Timm-Thompson, Play Here
3rd: Dominic Vignola, Untitled #1
Honorable Mention: Katrina Petrauskas, Pivotal Characters
People's Choice: Jonathan Franklin, SHORT HAND KALEIDOSCOPE

Road Trip
August 12   September 2
OPEN CALL for work of any medium that depict travel destinations or vacation hot spots!                                    
Opening Reception – August 12, 7-9pm
Judge: Christina Body, National award-winning plein air artist
1st: Shelley Timm-Thompson - Red Arrow Relic
2nd: Pam Penney - Fountain
3rd: John Nicholas - Snowsquall, Grand Canyon
Honorable Mention: Teresa Rozanacki - Driving West
People's Choice: Xin Yuan - Bridge with Red Lanterns, Hubei Province, China

   A Moveable Feast
July 8 – August 5
Opening Reception – July 8, 7-9pm
 David Sokol, Professor Emeritus of Art History at University of Illinois at Chicago
1st: Jennifer McNulty - Papa Hemingway
2nd: Jill Kramer - Parisian Nightcap
3rd: Mike Vest - Romantic Hem
Honorable Mention: James Krysan - Oak Park Sidewalk Series #25
People's Choice: Sandy Kaplan - Hemingway Timeline
View the Moveable Feast exhibition slide show HERE

Curious Distortions
OPEN CALL for abstract work of any medium
Judge: Dianne Martia, mixed media artist, independent curator and exhibition juror.
1st: Laurie LeBreton - Salutations
2nd: Mary Jo Parker O'Hearn - Into My Memories
3rd: Sarah Steedman - Hoodoo Mist
Honorable Mention: Ted Strandt - Fragments of a Giant
Honorable Mention: Richard Laurent - The One That Got Away
People's Choice: Nathaniel Strayve - Addiction

  Places & Spaces
May 13 – June 3
OPEN CALL for work of all size and media with place and space as the subject matter
Opening Reception – May 13, 7-9pm
Judge: Tim Cozzens, Columbia College Department Chair - Design
1st: John Padour, The Evolving Urban Landscape - Chicago 2015
2nd: Kathy Hirsh, Gem/Plein Air 
3rd: Robert "Bob" Proce, HOME MADE RED
Honorable Mention: Jim Sweitzer, Wabash
People's Choice: Elaine Allen: Namib Desert

April 8 – May 6
Featuring works of all media by OPAL Artist Members
Opening Reception – April 8, 7-9pm
Judge: Frank Spidale, Dominican University, Assistant Professor - Painting
1st: Jesse Howard - Portrait of the Westside
2nd: Bryan Northup - Sea Change
3rd: Richard Laurent, The Necessity of Beauty
Honorable Mention: Gina Lee Robbins - Pyrrah's Offering
Honorable Mention: Larry Day - EL on Lake 

  Macro/Micro–Size Matters!

March 11 – April 2

OPEN CALL for work of all subject matter and media with following size restrictions:
A maximum of 1 LARGE work – 36"+ in any dimension
A maximum of 2 small works 8" x 10" or smaller
Opening Reception – March 11, 7-9pm
Judge:  Beth Shadur, artist, educator, curator
1st: Sandra Wilcoxon, Gold Chicken, Beads and Chicken Skeleton
2nd: Jill Kramer Goldstein, One Tree-Many Nuts
3rd: Michael Valente, Dyad #4
Honorable Mention: Galen Garapolo, Catch a Falling Star
Honorable Mention: Greg Kumpin, Slipping Away
People's Choice: Kathy Hirsh, Farmer's Market, Oil on Canvas

Discarded to Regarded
Feb. 12 – March 4
OPEN CALL for work created from recycled materials or found objects
Opening Reception – Feb 12, 7-9pm

Judge: Joel Javier, Education Manager at Intuit: Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art 
1st:  Greg Kumpin, Future/Past, Sculpture in Steel & Stainless Steel
2nd: Gina Lee Robbins, Burden, Mixed Media Wall Sculpture in Found Metals
3rd: Bryan Northup, Reflections on Rubble, Mixed Media Sculpture
Honorable Mention: Jane Mathie, Wrap it Up!, Paper, Glass Beads, Fishing Line
Honorable Mention:  Michael Helbing, Mr. Pukey, Stainless Steel & Water, Beer Barrel, Silverware
People’s Choice: Sundeep Kaur, Flaming Buddha, Mixed Media

Skin Deep
Jan. 8 – Feb. 5 
OPEN CALL for figurative work & portraiture of any media, framed/unframed  
Opening Reception – Jan 8, 7-9pm

Judge: Jennifer Hereth, Professor of Art, College of DuPage 
1st: Jennifer Casey, The Depths, Pastel on Paper
2nd: Bill Edwards, Lilly Hits the High Notes
3rd: Scott Darrow, Wrapped, Terracotta Sculpture
Honorable Mention: Tony Abborneo, Redheads, Acrylic on Canvas
Honorable Mention: Erik Ohrn, Going for a walk, Oil on Panel 
Judge’s Choice: Melissa Rasor, Alex, Charcoal on Paper
People's Choice: Connor Hughes, Warmth, Acrylic on Canvas
People's Choice: Nancy Fong, Boy and his Dog, Oil on Canvas



Anything Goes
December 11 – January 2 
OPEN CALL for work of any subject matter or medium 
Opening Reception -December 11, 7-9pm
Judge: Liz Chilsen
1st: Brad Purse, Transformation, Oil on Canvas
2nd: Adrian Vieyra (Haste!), Adrianne and the Owl, Charcoal
3rd: Richard Laurent,  When a Bird Comes to the Window, Oil on Board
Honorable Mention: Maurice Costello, Samo Sez So Long, Mixed Media
Honorable Mention: Maria Rebelo, Beauty in Aging 2, Photograph/Archival Pigment Print
People’s Choice: Doug Freerksen, Dreamcycle, Sculpture in Wood and Mixed Media

Juried Artist Member
November 13 – December 4
Featuring works of all media by OPAL Artist Members 
Opening Reception – November 13, 7-9pm
Judge: Caroline Older, Executive Director, Chicago Artist Coalition
1st: Jesse Howard, School Daze, Acrylic and Charcoal
2nd: Richard Shipps, Organic Flow 6, Cut Paper Sculpture
3rd: Gina Lee Robbins, Rescue Me, Mixed Media
Honorable Mention: Mary Jo Parker O'Hearn, Ascension, Mixed Media Abstract
Honorable Mention: Karen Gubitz, Mantle, Fiber Sculpture
People’s Choice: Fran Sampson

Stone Soup
October 9 – November 7
OPEN CALL for food in art.  What will you bring to the table or add to the pot? 
Opening Reception – October 9, 7-9pm
Judge: Melissa Elsmo, Chef and Food Columnist
1st:James Tansley, Verdure
2nd: Jonathan Franklin, White Bowl and Blues
3rd: Jackie Lakely, Root Vegetables II
Judge's Choice: Marge Zwadlo for Pears
People's Choice: Michele Silvetti Schmitt, Over the Lake and Through the Woods to Grandmother's Cabin We Go

Rock, Paper, Scissors
September 11 – October 3 
OPEN CALL for work of any subject matter or medium 
Opening Reception – September 11, 7-9pm 
Judge: Tom Burtonwood, Professor of Sculpture and Contemporary Practice, School of the Art Institute Chicago
1st: Shefali Khanna, Michigan & Monroe, Oil Pastel
2nd: Haley McNutt, Polluted Dreamscape, Mixed Media
3rd: Brian Rupe, Mental Illness, Oil on Canvas
Honorable Mentions: Ted Strandt,  Huldre/Huldrekat, Marble Sculpture
Judge's Choice: Marcia Palazzolo, Paper Room Interior
People’s Choice: Lisa Nordstrom, Edwina

August 14 – September 4 
OPEN CALL for work of any medium that interprets light and reflectivity 
Opening Reception – August 14, 7-9pm 
Judge: Carolyn Bendel
1st: John Fjortoft, Dearborn St. Chicago
2nd: Robert Proce, The Vigil
3rd: Cora Jacobs, The Conversation
Honorable Mention: Linda Deviller, Reflection Nebula
Honorable Mention: Bryan Northup, Friday, 6:24
People's Choice: Cosette Kosiba, First Light

Off the Grid
July 10 – August 7 
OPEN CALL for abstract work of any medium 
Opening Reception – July 10, 7-9pm
Judge: Susan Sensemann, Professor Emeritus University of Illinois, Chicago
1st: Nancy Hlavacek,  Untitled, Acrylic on Canvas
2nd: Gina Lee Robbins, Artifacts, Ceramic/Septych
3rd: Richard Laurent,  Candide, Oil on Canvas
Honorable Mention: John Padour, Untitled,Photograph/Inkjet Print
Honorable Mention: Keith Taylor, Stream_Visceral Loops, Ink on Paper
People’s Choice: Joanna Kapuscienska, Composition BR

Redux: Recycled & Upcycled
June 12 – July 3 
OPEN CALL for work from recycled materials 
Opening Reception – June 12, 7-9pm
Judge: Anna Garcia Doyle, Founder and Executive Director, One Earth Film Festival
1st: Christin Worley, Untitled, Wall Sculpture from Found Objects
2nd: Jackie Lakely, Filed Notes 1,2,3, Mixed Media Triptych
3rd: Wendy Ritchey, Blue Kimono, Fused Recycled Plastic Bags
Honorable Mention: Bryan Northup, Concrete Clouds, Interactive Sculptural Work
People’s Choice: Susan Nadis, Cast Off Series

Muses & Mentors
May 8 – June 6
Student show with area high schools
OPEN CALL for work that expresses personal creative motivation 
Opening Reception – May 8, 7-9pm
Judges: Kathy Hirsh, Ken Reif, Ann Primack
1st: Eliot Mack and Oak Park/River Forest HS, Bamboo Teapot, Stoneware
– Lindy Novotny, Sandy Campbell, Michelle Carrow, Mark Collins, Pennie Ebsen, Tracy VanDuinen
1st: Kelechi Agwuncha and Proviso Math & Science Academy, Vexation
– Kathleen Maltese, 
Grand Prize: Kelly Connor and Trinity High School, Nostalgia, Assemblage
– Vicki Silunas, Pam Costello, Kelly Rosas

Artist Member
April 10 – May 2 
Featuring works of all media by OPAL Artist Members 
Opening Reception – Apr 10, 7-9pm
Judge: Sabina Ott, Professor of Art, Columbia College, Chicago
1st: Gina Lee Robbins, Holding Out For A Hero
2nd: Richard Laurent, Gung Ho
3rd: Rebecca Holbrook-Erhart, No. 1: Breakfast, KY
Honorable Mention: Rhoda Bernstein, The Usual Suspects
People's Choice: Karen Gubitz, Frame Works

Nature Untamed
March 13 – April 4 
OPEN CALL for nature inspired works of any medium 
Opening Reception – Mar 13, 7-9pm
Judge: Kristi Dahm, Art Institute of Chicago, Assistant Conservator Prints & Drawings
1st: Mary Jansen, Wild Waterfowl
2nd: John Nicholas, Dragon Lake
3rd: Mary Jo Parker O'Hearn, Harold in His Forest
Honorable Mention & People's Choice: Myriam Villalta-Elijah, Aspens

Color of Passion
February 13 – March 7 
OPEN CALL for work that expresses the emotive qualities of color 
Opening Reception Feb 13, 7-9pm 
Judge: Michelle Wasson
1st: Bridget Rosalia Driessen, Recursive Calm
2nd: Keith Taylor, Stream_Roe
3rd: Judith Shepelak, Wandering
Honorable Mention: Richard Laurent, Kingdom
Judge's Choice: Natalie Jacobson, Untitled
People's Choice: Linda Deviller, Fields of Poppy

January 9 – February 7

OPEN CALL for figurative work and portraiture of any medium 
Opening Reception – Jan 9, 7-9pm 

Judge: Lou Perozzi, Oakton Community College, Ceramics Instructor
1st: Matthew Collins, The Monk
2nd: Kathy Hirsh, The Look
3rd: Barbara Moline, Little Flower
Honorable Mention: Mike Milenkovic, Girl in Field
Honorable Mention: Christopher Tedin, Study for Edgecombe
People's Choice: Kathy Hirsh, The Look

Anything Goes
Dec. 12–Jan. 3 
OPEN CALL for work of any subject matter or medium
Opening Reception on Dec. 12, 7-9 pm
Judge: BettyAnn Mocek
1st: Dianne Martia, Umberlake
2nd: Eric Jorgensen, Karmic Justice Wand
3rd: Richard Shipps, Paperika
Honorable Mention: Jim Wright, Bird 133
Honorable Mention: Gina Lee Robbins, Safe
People’s Choice: Lee Cheney, Urban Zen

Artist Member Show
Nov. 14–Dec. 5 
Open Call work of any subject matter or medium by OPAL artist members
Opening Reception onFriday, Nov. 14, 7–9 pm 
1st: Matthew James Collins, Trickster
2nd: Jesse Howard, War Veteran
3rd: Eric Jorgenson, Angry Honey Locust
Honorable Mention: Robert Proce, Sweet Red Wine
Honorable Mention: Keith J. Taylor, Stream_Unrelated
People’s Choice: Nancy Fong, The Press

Celebration of Life
Oct. 10–Nov. 7 
Open Call for works of any subject matter or medium
Opening Reception Friday, Oct. 10, 7-9 pm 
Bob Kwas memorial awards
Judge: John Harmon
1st: John David Murray, Beach City
2nd: Robert Proce, Portrait of Bob Kwas
3rd: Sallie Wolf, Ronda Spain
Honorable Mention: Ginny Pitre-Hay, Meadow Path
People's Choice: Ken Reif, The End

Works on/of Paper
Sept. 12–Oct. 3 
Open Call for works of any medium on/of paper 
Opening Reception Friday, Sept. 12, 7-9 pm 
People’s Choice:  

Creatures Among Us
Aug. 8–Sept. 5 
Open Call for creature themed work of any medium
Opening Reception Friday, Aug. 8, 7–9 pm 
1st: Cheryl Ann Spran, Preserve
2nd: Keith Taylor, Stream_The Vanities
3rd: Jacqueline Lakely, Winterscape II
Honorable Mention: Peggy Dee, Seated Figure with Cantaloupe and Cat
People's Choice: Tom Herzberg, Saint George

Off the Grid
Judge: Tim Cozzens
July 11–August 1 
Open Call for Abstract work of any medium
Opening Reception Friday, July 11, 7–9 pm 
1st - Steve Meier "You Don't Say"
2nd - Jackie Lakely "Pool #1"
3rd - Marion Sirefman "Creative Chaos"
Honorable Mention: John Chapin " Landscape"
People's Choice: Craig Campbell "Violet Storm"

It’s About Time
June 13–July 3 
Open Call for any medium that depicts the passage of time
Opening Reception Friday, June 13, 7–9 pm 
People’s choice only 

Artist Member Show
May 9–June 7 
Work of any medium by any OPAL artist member 
Opening Reception Friday, May 9, 7-9 pm 
Judged Show -1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2 Honorable Mentions and a People’s Choice  

Poetry of Place
April 11–May 3 
Open Call for works depicting places, from land/cityscapes and interiors to still lifes
Opening Reception Friday, April 11, 7-9 pm 
Judged Show–1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2 Honorable Mentions and a People’s Choice  

March 14–April 4 
Open Call for digital works, sculpture and photography
Opening Reception Friday, March 14, 7-9 pm 
People’s Choice: 

Body Language
Feb. 7–Mar.7 
Open Call for figurative work of any medium, framed, and unframed
Opening Reception Friday, Feb. 7, 7–9 pm 

Judge: Sharon Swidler
1st: Kathy Hirsh, Daddy's Boy
2nd: Garapolo, Spirit Kin #2
3rd: Beth Kordic, Felicia
Honorable Mention: Ernest Wedoff, Birthday Party
Honorable Mention: Kia Hughes, Souless
People's Choice: Doug Freekersen, Untitled 

Jan. 10 – Jan. 31 
Open Call No medium or theme restrictions
Opening Reception Friday, Jan. 10, 7–9 pm 
People’s Choice will be awarded

Anything Goes
Dec. 13 – Jan. 3
OPEN CALL for work of any subject matter or medium
Opening Reception – Dec. 13, 7-9 pm
Judge: Nathan Mason
1st: Taehoon Kim
2nd: Deborah Stoklosa
3rd: Ken Reif
Honorable Mention: Gina Lee Robbins
Honorable Mention: Jack Nixon