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Carriage House Exhibit Archive

Through the Cracks the Light Comes In

Through the Cracks, the Light Comes In

October 12 – November 3, 2018

“Ring the bells that still can ring.  

Forget your perfect offering.  

There is a crack, a crack in everything.

That’s how the light gets in.”

                                                          -Leonard Cohen​

To celebrate Arts and Humanities month, Oak Park Art League presents  an international juried exhibition exploring the theme of beauty emerging out of that which has been broken.

Leonard Cohen said about his lyrics, “...there is a crack in everything that you can put together: physical objects, mental objects, constructions of any kind. But that’s where the light gets in, and that’s where the resurrection is...where the return,...where the repentance is. It is with the confrontation, with the brokenness of things.”

​The exhibition is open to artists of all mediums who are over 18 years of age.​

Judge: Douglas Stapleton, Art Curator, Illinois State Museum

Out of a total 144 submitted works 22 were chosen.

First Prize: $300 + 1 Year Membership

Tricia Rumbolz, Magic Text Circle (A Gift to Myself), Archival Ink on Paper, 40 x 40"

Runner up: $100 + 1 Year $100 Artist Membership

Zoe Beaudry, Going Up, Oil on Canvas, 18 x 20"

David Gilbert, Surrender, Black & White Photograph, 20 x 26"

Third Place: 1 Year $100 Artist Membership

Jesse Howard, A Street Warrior on The Move

Estefani Mercedes, Los Relicarios

Out of the Box: Installation by Bryan Northup & Open Call 

Using unconventional, found materials often tossed in the trash can, Oak Park Art League, Artist Member Bryan Northup will create a site-specific sculptural installation that will incorporate submissions from an open call for artists. Artists are asked to transform a box of their choosing into a work of art that fits within their own body of work.

This call challenges artists to investigate the outer corners of creativity and processes through the ubiquitous and utilitarian box (made of any material). Participating artists are invited to use their chosen media or examine new methods to transform this mundane cube into a gallery-worthy work of art. In exploring the duality of practical vs precious, artists may paint, collage, cut, contort, fill, weave, laminate, ornament, or adapt their box in any way they choose to create 2D, 3D, or installation work for this artist collective in OPAL’s historic Carriage House Gallery.

*Artists may use any box of their choosing with the longest dimension being no longer than 30"

​Opening Reception –September 14, 7-9pm

September 14 - October 5

Judged Show - 3 awards

Sept. 8 - 11 Drop off work | Pick up work October 6 - 9

Judge: Alison Peter Quinn, Director of Exhibitions & Residency, Hyde Park Art Center

Where We Are: Structures | August 10 - September 7

The last of a summer series of exhibitions exploring the idea of identity as a function of our interaction with nature, each other, and architecture. For the month of August we ask artists to explore their relationship to the spaces we create: the structures we inhabit, work and play in.

​​Open Call - up to 3 works in any medium 

Cash prize will be awarded at opening reception

​Exhibition: August 10 - Sept 7, 2018

Opening Reception: August 10, 2018

Drop-off August 4 - 7 | pick up September 8 -1

Where We Are: Many Voices | July 13 - August 4

The second of a summer series of exhibitions exploring the idea of identity as a function of our interaction with nature, each other, and architecture. 
For our July exhibitions, we ask artists to explore their relationship to the people who shape our lives and community.

​Open Call up to 3 works in any medium 

Cash prize will be awarded at opening reception for Best in Show

Exhibition: July 13 - August 3, 2018

Opening Reception: July 13, 2018

Drop-off July 7-10 | pick up August 4-7

Where We Are: Gardens & Prairies | June 8 - July7

The first of a summer series of exhibitions exploring the idea of identity as a function of our interaction with nature, each other, and architecture. 
This June we ask artists to explore their relationship to the flora that surrounds us in urban, suburban or rural landscapes.

​Open Call - up to 2 works in any medium 

Cash prize will be awarded at opening reception for Best in Show

​Exhibition: June 8 - July 6, 2018

Opening Reception: June 8, 2018

Drop-off June 2 - 5 | pick up July 7-10

Art for Social Change: SANCTUARY | May 11 - June 1

In recognition of the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Ordinance (1968) and addressing current Sanctuary City political rhetoric, the Oak Park Art League presents an exhibition of postcards from across the nation that explore legislative policies of past and present that support diversity, inclusion, racial equity, human rights and express historical narratives, current contexts, or creative concepts for safe havens, sanctuary cities, and fair housing in the places and communities they call home. 

The postcards will be featured in OPAL’s May 2018 exhibition Sanctuary and sold for $35 each during the exhibition run, with the full collection on display at the Preview Party on May 10, 7-9 pm. As a fundraiser, guests and collectors go home with an original work of art and a percentage of the proceeds from postcard sales will benefit ProBono Network in support of those in dire need of civil legal assistance and Oak Park Regional Housing Center for research and advocacy in Fair Housing. The backs of postcards will be stamped and dated to document exhibit participation. A curated selection of postcards will be presented in an online gallery on the Oak Park Art League’s website. A limited number of works will be selected for permanent collections at OPAL, the Oak Park/River Forest Museum, and Chicago's Newberry Library.

97th Anniversary Spring Artist Member Exhibit | April 13 - May 4

Celebrating 97 years of artist members at the Oak Park Art League!

ARTifact: 33.3 | March 9 - April 6

n 1948, Columbia Records released the first microgroove 33-1/3 rpm vinyl 12” record, launching a music industry standard that is still spinning strong seven decades later. The Oak Park Art League (OPAL) pays tribute to the 70th anniversary of vinyl in a National Juried Exhibition for Album Cover Art – ARTifact: 33-1/3

The evolution of album cover art is as revolutionary as the music vinyl popularized, with iconic artists such as Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and others, merging the world of music with the visual arts, while catapulting musician identity and elevating jacket cover design to museum-worthy status. This 70th anniversary milestone and the renaissance of vinyl lends to this call for record cover art that express societal interests and global concerns - past, present and future.

Hidden Passages Abstract Exhibition | Feb 9 - Mar 2, 2018

Hidden Passages is a call for abstract artwork that jogs emotion, stirs memory, or recalls the essence of a place or moment in time. In this open call show for 2D and 3D work that welcomes all media, artists are asked to push beyond realistic representation, exploring the visual language of shape, form, color, texture and line. All work will be accepted into this open call show for a nominal entry fee, with a two-piece entry limit. Refer to exhibition guidelines for entry information and size restrictions.

Exhibition Judge Claire Ashley

1st - Frederick Walter Nitsch, No Such Thing As Monsters
2nd - Jason Jones, My Life My Dialysis
3rd - Ben Sapia, The Effects of Wealth In Oil
Honorable mentions - Fran Sampson, Cycles
Twilight, Gina Lee Robbins

Traditional to Contemporary: A Figure and Portrtait Exhibition | Jan 12 - Feb 2, 2018

Figure drawing, painting, and sculpting is a 97-year-old tradition at the Oak Park Art League (OPAL) and in honor of this revered practice, OPAL presents its annual Figure and Portrait Exhibition. The scope of this call is broad, with goals for attracting works in all media that range from traditional portraiture to contemporary expressions of the human figure and form. All work will be accepted into this open call show for a nominal entry fee, with a two-piece entry limit. Unframed works on paper are permitted. Refer to exhibition guidelines for additional entry information and size restrictions.


Exhibition Judge: Leslie Colonna’s selections

1st - ShelleyTimm-Thompson, Girl with the Pearl-Colored T-Shirt
2nd - Bob Proce, Fr. John at 86 years
3rd - Sara Peak Convery, Post Treatment
Honorable mention - Mike Vest, Lonliness

Holiday One Hundred | Dec 8 - 23, 2017

As one of several countdown events to the Oak Park Art League’s 2021 centennial anniversary, Holiday One Hundred is both an art sale and fundraiser, designed to benefit community artists, art patrons and OPAL. For a second year, this event features the sale of original artwork by OPAL Artist Members, affordably priced from $50 to $300 for easy holiday giving. Holiday One Hundred benefactors go home with original artwork, support local artists and help the Oak Park Art League come closer to celebrating our Centennial Anniversary milestone!


To boost awareness of OPAL and its Artist Members, Holiday One Hundred will be heavily promoted across the community through print ads and social media. 


Fall Artist Member Exhibit | Nov 10 - Dec 1, 2017

Biannual exhibition featuring self-selected work from Oak Park Art League Artist Members. Participants are encouraged to enter one work of art that best represents their studio practice.

Congratulations to the Artist Members selected by judge Nora Riccio 
1st Place - Kathy Hirsh, Lowell, Michigan 1,2 & 3
2nd Place - Linda Abrams, Untitled Painting
3rd Place - John Padour, Silent Street
Honorable Mention - David Gilbert, Political Science 
Amalia Kouvalis, Penumbra

Art for Social Change: We Are Enough | Oct 13 - Nov 3, 2017

In this 21st Century digital age of social media and handheld photo editors, we are inundated with images of our friends, family and cultural icons. One would think this proliferation of photographs would generate a greater acceptance of varying body types. But more than ever, images are projected in the gaze of societal norms and conventions of what is beautiful and ideal. The differences and imperfections that make a human body unique reveal much about one's personal narrative and rarely align with the common standard of young, slim, white, able and whole. 


As part of the Oak Park Art League's Art for Social Change initiative, We are Enough calls for art that explores the many facets of body image and its relationship to self-acceptance and love. How is one's body image affected by inherent differences such as race, gender, sexuality, form and disability; or by changes due to aging, illness, or major surgery? We are looking for art of any media that explores issues of body image and self-worth.


See the works selected by Juror Susan Sensemann, images of the exhibit and the juror's statement in the online gallery

Solidarity & Survivorship

In partnership with Keep-a-Breast Foundation, the Oak Park Art League presents: Solidarity & Survivorship as part of a National juried exhibit "We Are Enough" focused on body image and attitudes, this powerful exhibit features artist-customized plaster casts that express the strength and beauty of survivorship and the esprit de corps of loyal breast cancer supporters.

Online Gallery Here

Intersection: Art + Word | Sept 8 - Oct 6, 2017

Exhibition of 2 and 3 dimensional work in a variety of media that depicts the intersection of a creative and text or literary based practice.
Opening Reception - September 8, 7-9pm

Exhibition Judge Ames Hawkins

1st place - "SEND HELP" by Pamela Penney
2nd place - "Brains are the New Tits" by Kate Conroy
3rd place - " Untitled" by Michael Claire
Honorable Mention - "Story" by Jackie Lakely

HEAT | August 11 - Sept 1, 2017

By the time August rolls around, the intense temperatures and humidity that characterize the summer season have engulfed us. We waited all winter for this warmth, but now crave a brief respite in a cool drink, air conditioning or a dip in the pool. And with global mean temperatures on a steady rise, we are on track to set a 17th straight record this August. For this open call exhibition, the Oak Park Art League challenges artists to offer their homage to “heat,” in any iteration:  subject matter, materials or tone.  Up to three 2D or 3D pieces of art in any medium will be accepted, with special interest in works that incorporate heat in the process of making, such as kiln firing, encaustics, pyrography, solar prints, etc.

Exhibition Judge Angel Dieffenbach

1st place - " Fallen" by Linda Abrams
2nd place - "Wall Flowers" by Marcia Palazzolo
3rd place - " Umbra" by Bryan Northup
Honorable Mentions - "Youth Baseball I" by David Gilbert

 "Persistence" by Gina Lee Robbins

Drawn to Detail | July 14 - August 4, 2017

Open Call for 2 and 3 dimensional work that focuses on the detail within the given media. Not limited to traditional drawing and painting, detail can be found through the photographer's lens, the mark on a copper printing plate, a stitched knot or the intimate scene in a sketchbook. Accepted work includes that which focuses on the minutiae of the subject, media or other element of the subject. 

Judge: Renee Robbins

1st place - "Feast Unfit" by Bryan Northup
2nd place - "Stream_Pearls" by Keith Taylor
3rd place - "Dream Cathedral" by David Wilinski
Honorable Mentions - "Force" by Charlene Moy
"LUCY: KINGS & QUEENS OF COMEDY" by Jennifer McNulty

Peer Pressure Collaboration | June 9 - July 7, 2017

An open call for 2D and 3D work executed by a pair of artists addressing the same topic and interpreted by each within their own medium or combination of media. Each pair of artists may submit up to 2 finished pieces that exhibit their collaborative efforts to examine a topic and incorporate influences from the other.

1st Place - Gina Lee Robbins and Laurie LeBreton "Tricksters" (The Nancies) - Stoneware, hand made paper, wool roving
2nd Place - Jonathan Franklin and David Gilbert - "A Young Man Jilted"

3rd Place - Jill Kramer Goldstein, Andrea Karcic, Kristi Murray - "Invitation"
Honorable Mention -  Donna Baiocchi and Andrea Marie Baiocchi - "Boundaries - A Cross Generational Viewpoint from Berlin to Chicago"

Exhibition Judge: Rita Grendze

People's Choice: Pam Penney & Kristi Sloniger - Heaven and Earth

Elevating Nature: Midwest Juried Exhibition | May 12 - June 2, 2017

A regional exhibition presenting the Midwest’s finest artists and artwork in a variety of media that embody the progressive spirit of Wright and the essence of the Midwestern landscape. In bringing this exhibit to the Art League’s historic Carriage House Gallery, jurors Brent Fogt and Brian Ritchard selected from more than 400 entries by artists from eight Midwestern states to assemble a diverse exhibit of 33 works, which include representational, conceptual and experimental interpretations of nature themes. View the online exhibit.

Best in Show: Most innovative interpretation of the Midwestern landscape

Jill Sutton​, Night Falls
Jurors' Awards: Most innovative interpretation of the Midwestern landscape

Mary Ann Trzyna, Winter Tree

Denise Bellezzo, Puebla DuPage Township

Best in Show:  Best use or representation of natural materials

Karen Gubitz​, Dangle 
Jurors' Awards: Best use or representation of natural materials

Annette Barbier, Seed Language

Valerie Buynak, Rain Clock

Spring Artist Member Exhibit | April 14 - May 5, 2017

Biannual exhibition featuring self-selected work from Oak Park Art League Artist Members. Participants are encouraged to enter one work of art that best represents their studio practice.

1st Place - Karen Gubitz, Elements
2nd Place - R.M. Proce, WINE AND CHEESE

3rd Place - Cora Jacobs, The Last Car
Honorable Mention - Keith Taylor, Stream_Glyphs-17
Honorable Mention - Joseph Barabe, On the Camino
Honorable Mention - Jonathan Franklin, Passion Fruit

Abstract Aesthetic | March 1 - April 7, 2017

Open Call exhibition for work in any media that best represents an artist's understanding and practice of the visual language of shape, form, color, texture and line -- without the dependence of a visual reference. We are looking for work that does not suggest a place, being or object of the real world, but rather, evokes an emotional response from the work itself.

1st place - Melissa Weber, Syllabary

2nd place - James Krysan, Untitled No. 22
3rd place -  Keith J. Taylor , Stream_To Be Wreakoned With

Honorable Mention - Angelina Diana, Subconscious Topography
Honorable Mention - Richard Shipps, Had to Say It Again

Digital Daydreams | February 10 - March 3, 2017

Work in any medium that directly or indirectly incorporates digital technology as an integral part of its creation. This exhibit showcases the hybridization of high-tech and traditional art mediums, acknowledging the dominance of pocket devices, graphics software and printers that have altered the art-making process.  Opening Reception - Feb 10, 7-9pm

Judge: Chris Tedin

1st Place - Teresa Gierwielaniec Rozanacki, Remembering Gracow, Poland
2nd Place - Richard Shipps, Paperika Digital I
3rd Place - James Krysan, Austin Garden, Nov 24, 2016
Honorable Mention - Maria Rebelo, Floating Dress
Honorable Mention - Diana Chrisman, Pillars at 111S. Wacker Drive

Traditional to Contemporary: The Figure & Portrait | Jan 13 - Feb 3, 2017

Judge: Karen Azarnia

1st place -Robert Proce, Mildred at 102 Years

2nd place - Jesse Howard, Obscure Spex

3rd place - Peggy Dee, Anna Dee with Spoonbill and Watermelon

Honorable mention - Jim Sweitzer, S Curve
Honorable mention - Bryan Northup, Silly Smack

Holiday One Hundred | December 9 - 23, 2016

As one of several countdown events to the Oak Park Art League’s 2021 centennial anniversary, Holiday One Hundred is both an art sale and fundraiser, designed to benefit community artists, art patrons and OPAL. This annual event will feature the sale of original artwork by OPAL Artist Members, affordably priced from $50 to $300 for easy holiday giving.


To boost awareness of OPAL and its Artist Members, Holiday One Hundred will be heavily promoted across the community through print ads and social media. Planned events include a Preview Party for a first-come-first-selection and sale of artwork, plus Saturday hot chocolate events and extended gallery hours for two weeks in December.


Holiday One Hundred benefactors go home with original artwork, support local artists and help the Oak Park Art League come closer to celebrating our Centennial Anniversary milestone!

95th Anniversary Artist Member Juried Exhibition | Nov 11 - Dec 2, 2016

Juror: Teresa Parker

1st: Larry Kolden, "My First Cigarette 1945" from the Autobiography "Hang'n With the Big Boys"

2nd: Amalia Kouvalis, Librium

3rd: Richard Laurent, Zahra's Garden

Honorable Mention: Janet Talbot, Another Garden

Honorable Mention: Shelley Timm-Thompson, Michigan Fruit Stand

Art for Social Change: Behind the Wall | Oct 14 – Nov 4, 2016

Juror: Charles Gniech

1st:  Anne Smith Stephan, Clear Mystery

2nd:  James Tansley, Out of the Blue

3rd:  Suzanne Horwitz, Assault

Honorable Mention: Marisa Andropolis, Imprisoned

Honorable Mention: Sheila Ganch, Interchange

conTEXTual | September 9 – October 7, 2016

Judge: Mike Tewz, Artist & Musician

1st: Fran Sampson, Bearing Witness
2nd: Shelley Timm-Thompson, Play Here
3rd: Dominic Vignola, Untitled #1
Honorable Mention: Katrina Petrauskas, Pivotal Characters
People's Choice: Jonathan Franklin, SHORT HAND KALEIDOSCOPE

Road Trip | August 12 – September 2, 2016

Judge: Christina Body, National award-winning plein air artist

1st: Shelley Timm-Thompson - Red Arrow Relic

2nd: Pam Penney - Fountain

3rd: John Nicholas - Snowsquall, Grand Canyon

Honorable Mention: Teresa Rozanacki - Driving West

People's Choice: Xin Yuan - Bridge with Red Lanterns, Hubei Province, China

Moveable Feast | July 8 – August 5, 2016

Judge:David Sokol, Professor Emeritus of Art History at University of Illinois at Chicago

1st: Jennifer McNulty - Papa Hemingway

2nd: Jill Kramer - Parisian Nightcap

3rd: Mike Vest - Romantic Hem

Honorable Mention: James Krysan - Oak Park Sidewalk Series #25

People's Choice: Sandy Kaplan - Hemingway Timeline

View the Moveable Feast exhibition slide show HERE

Curious Distortions | June 10 – July 1, 2016

Judge: Dianne Martia, mixed media artist, independent curator and exhibition juror.

1st: Laurie LeBreton - Salutations

2nd: Mary Jo Parker O'Hearn - Into My Memories

3rd: Sarah Steedman - Hoodoo Mist

Honorable Mention: Ted Strandt - Fragments of a Giant

Honorable Mention: Richard Laurent - The One That Got Away

People's Choice: Nathaniel Strayve - Addiction

Places & Spaces | May 13 – June 3, 2016

Judge: Tim Cozzens, Columbia College Department Chair - Design 

1st: John Padour, The Evolving Urban Landscape - Chicago 2015

2nd: Kathy Hirsh, Gem/Plein Air 
3rd: Robert "Bob" Proce, HOME MADE RED

Honorable Mention: Jim Sweitzer, Wabash

People's Choice: Elaine Allen: Namib Desert

Artist Member Exhibition | April 8 – May 6, 2016

Judge: Frank Spidale, Dominican University, Assistant Professor - Painting

1st: Jesse Howard - Portrait of the Westside

2nd: Bryan Northup - Sea Change

3rd: Richard Laurent, The Necessity of Beauty

Honorable Mention: Gina Lee Robbins - Pyrrah's Offering

Honorable Mention: Larry Day - EL on Lake 

Macro/Micro–Size Matters! | March 11 – April 2, 2016

Judge:  Beth Shadur, artist, educator, curator

1st: Sandra Wilcoxon, Gold Chicken, Beads and Chicken Skeleton

2nd: Jill Kramer Goldstein, One Tree-Many Nuts

3rd: Michael Valente, Dyad #4

Honorable Mention: Galen Garapolo, Catch a Falling Star

Honorable Mention: Greg Kumpin, Slipping Away

People's Choice: Kathy Hirsh, Farmer's Market, Oil on Canvas

Discarded to Regarded | Feb. 12 – March 4, 2016

Judge: Joel Javier, Education Manager at Intuit: Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art 

1st:  Greg Kumpin, Future/Past, Sculpture in Steel & Stainless Steel

2nd: Gina Lee Robbins, Burden, Mixed Media Wall Sculpture in Found Metals

3rd: Bryan Northup, Reflections on Rubble, Mixed Media Sculpture

Honorable Mention: Jane Mathie, Wrap it Up!, Paper, Glass Beads, Fishing Line

Honorable Mention:  Michael Helbing, Mr. Pukey, Stainless Steel & Water, Beer Barrel, Silverware

People’s Choice: Sundeep Kaur, Flaming Buddha, Mixed Media

Skin Deep | Jan. 8 – Feb. 5, 2016

Judge: Jennifer Hereth, Professor of Art, College of DuPage 

1st: Jennifer Casey, The Depths, Pastel on Paper

2nd: Bill Edwards, Lilly Hits the High Notes

3rd: Scott Darrow, Wrapped, Terracotta Sculpture

Honorable Mention: Tony Abborneo, Redheads, Acrylic on Canvas

Honorable Mention: Erik Ohrn, Going for a walk, Oil on Panel 

Judge’s Choice: Melissa Rasor, Alex, Charcoal on Paper

People's Choice: Connor Hughes, Warmth, Acrylic on Canvas

People's Choice: Nancy Fong, Boy and his Dog, Oil on Canvas

Anything Goes | Dec 11 – Jan 2, 2016

Judge: Liz Chilsen

1st: Brad Purse, Transformation, Oil on Canvas

2nd: Adrian Vieyra (Haste!), Adrianne and the Owl, Charcoal

3rd: Richard Laurent,  When a Bird Comes to the Window, Oil on Board

Honorable Mention: Maurice Costello, Samo Sez So Long, Mixed Media

Honorable Mention: Maria Rebelo, Beauty in Aging 2, Photograph/Archival Pigment Print

People’s Choice: Doug Freerksen, Dreamcycle, Sculpture in Wood and Mixed Media

Juried Artist Member | Nov 13 – Dec 4, 2015

1st: Jesse Howard, School Daze, Acrylic and Charcoal

2nd: Richard Shipps, Organic Flow 6, Cut Paper Sculpture

3rd: Gina Lee Robbins, Rescue Me, Mixed Media

Honorable Mention: Mary Jo Parker O'Hearn, Ascension, Mixed Media Abstract

Honorable Mention: Karen Gubitz, Mantle, Fiber Sculpture

People’s Choice: Fran Sampson

Stone Soup | Oct 9 – Nov 7, 2015

Judge: Melissa Elsmo, Chef and Food Columnist

1st:James Tansley, Verdure

2nd: Jonathan Franklin, White Bowl and Blues

3rd: Jackie Lakely, Root Vegetables II

Judge's Choice: Marge Zwadlo for Pears

People's Choice: Michele Silvetti Schmitt, Over the Lake and Through the Woods to Grandmother's Cabin We Go

Rock, Paper, Scissors | Sept 11 – Oct 3, 2015

Judge: Tom Burtonwood, Professor of Sculpture and Contemporary Practice, School of the Art Institute Chicago

1st: Shefali Khanna, Michigan & Monroe, Oil Pastel

2nd: Haley McNutt, Polluted Dreamscape, Mixed Media

3rd: Brian Rupe, Mental Illness, Oil on Canvas

Honorable Mentions: Ted Strandt,  Huldre/Huldrekat, Marble Sculpture

Judge's Choice: Marcia Palazzolo, Paper Room Interior

People’s Choice: Lisa Nordstrom, Edwina

Reflections | Aug14 – Sept 4, 2015

Judge: Carolyn Bendel

1st: John Fjortoft, Dearborn St. Chicago

2nd: Robert Proce, The Vigil

3rd: Cora Jacobs, The Conversation

Honorable Mention: Linda Deviller, Reflection Nebula

Honorable Mention: Bryan Northup, Friday, 6:24

People's Choice: Cosette Kosiba, First Light 

Off the Grid | July 10 – Aug 7, 2015

Judge: Susan Sensemann, Professor Emeritus University of Illinois, Chicago

1st: Nancy Hlavacek,  Untitled, Acrylic on Canvas

2nd: Gina Lee Robbins, Artifacts, Ceramic/Septych

3rd: Richard Laurent,  Candide, Oil on Canvas

Honorable Mention: John Padour, Untitled, Photograph/Inkjet Print

Honorable Mention: Keith Taylor, Stream_Visceral Loops, Ink on Paper

People’s Choice: Joanna Kapuscienska, Composition BR

Redux: Recycled & Upcycled | June 12 – July 3, 2015

Judge: Anna Garcia Doyle, Founder and Executive Director, One Earth Film Festival

1st: Christin Worley, Untitled, Wall Sculpture from Found Objects

2nd: Jackie Lakely, Filed Notes 1,2,3, Mixed Media Triptych

3rd: Wendy Ritchey, Blue Kimono, Fused Recycled Plastic Bags

Honorable Mention: Bryan Northup, Concrete Clouds, Interactive Sculptural Work

People’s Choice: Susan Nadis, Cast Off Series

Muses & Mentors | May 8 – June 6, 2015

Judges: Kathy Hirsh, Ken Reif, Ann Primack

1st: Eliot Mack and Oak Park/River Forest HS, Bamboo Teapot, Stoneware

– Lindy Novotny, Sandy Campbell, Michelle Carrow, Mark Collins, Pennie Ebsen, Tracy VanDuinen

1st: Kelechi Agwuncha and Proviso Math & Science Academy, Vexation

– Kathleen Maltese, 

Grand Prize: Kelly Connor and Trinity High School, Nostalgia, Assemblage

– Vicki Silunas, Pam Costello, Kelly Rosas

Artist Member | April 10 – May 2, 2015

Judge: Sabina Ott, Professor of Art, Columbia College, Chicago

1st: Gina Lee Robbins, Holding Out For A Hero

2nd: Richard Laurent, Gung Ho

3rd: Rebecca Holbrook-Erhart, No. 1: Breakfast, KY

Honorable Mention: Rhoda Bernstein, The Usual Suspects

People's Choice: Karen Gubitz, Frame Works

Nature Untamed | Mar 13 – Apr 4, 2015

Judge: Kristi Dahm, Art Institute of Chicago, Assistant Conservator Prints & Drawings

1st: Mary Jansen, Wild Waterfowl

2nd: John Nicholas, Dragon Lake

3rd: Mary Jo Parker O'Hearn, Harold in His Forest

Honorable Mention & People's Choice: Myriam Villalta-Elijah, Aspens

Color of Passion | Feb 13 – Mar 7, 2015

Judge: Michelle Wasson

1st: Bridget Rosalia Driessen, Recursive Calm

2nd: Keith Taylor, Stream_Roe

3rd: Judith Shepelak, Wandering

Honorable Mention: Richard Laurent, Kingdom

Judge's Choice: Natalie Jacobson, Untitled

People's Choice: Linda Deviller, Fields of Poppy

Poses | Jan 9 – Feb 7, 2015

Judge: Lou Perozzi, Oakton Community College, Ceramics Instructor

1st: Matthew Collins, The Monk

2nd: Kathy Hirsh, The Look

3rd: Barbara Moline, Little Flower

Honorable Mention: Mike Milenkovic, Girl in Field

Honorable Mention: Christopher Tedin, Study for Edgecombe

People's Choice: Kathy Hirsh, The Look

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