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August Spotlight: Kathy Blankley Roman

August 1, 2017


Kathy Blankley Roman lives in Chicago and has been an OPAL Artist Member for one year. Kathy uses acrylics with mixed drawing media, oil & cold wax and encaustic to create her current body of abstract work which she started in 2010.

Kathy recently won the Bronze Award and had her work reviewed in ArtAscent Magazine's Abstract issue, Aug. 2018, Vol. 26., pages 24-29.
Here is the link to the eZine. 


Share a little about yourself, your ideas, and process. How did you approach your work? What motivates you as an artist? Are your passions or interests reflected in your work? 


When I finish a painting I often sense a recognition, a familiarity of some feeling or place where I’ve been or where I’d rather be. It’s become a way of “running away from home” as well as a kind of meditation. I approach my paintings with a sense of play, experimentation and exploration of the materials, as much as by intuition and an emotional response to the painting. I enjoy playing with new tools and learning new media. As I add a new medium to my repertoire, I find that it influences how I approach my work in each of the other media that I work in…currently acrylics, oils and encaustic. This is a two way process that keeps things fresh and keeps me in a constant state of learning and growing. The whole process grounds me and is a way of connecting and responding to the world around me and of making some kind of order out of chaos; it is a way of thinking without words. The source or inspiration for my paintings comes from words: lyrics, poetry, literature; “aha” moments, haiku moments, moments of discovery, of wonder; intense feelings; the beauty of nature and the solace that it brings me. These are all tucked away as I experience them. Their essences are like echoes that appear later in some form in my work. Ultimately it is all about the process: becoming immersed in the moment and the physicality of engaging the surface, finding a sense of order, refuge, letting go, resolution. I would hope that the viewer would respond to the dance and the meditative aspects of my process and be drawn into the painting to explore and experience it through their own personal filters.


Describe the work you will be sharing in this exhibit. Is it a new series? Are you exploring a medium, theme or subject? Do you have a title for this body of work? 

This continues a collection of expressive, abstract, landscapes that I started about 3 years ago. This collection includes a few of the older pieces along with the work that I have done since starting to paint with oils 2 years ago. Some of the paintings represented here were created with acrylics and some with oil.
I am calling it “Being There: Chapter 2”.


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