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October Spotlight: David Gilbert

September 30, 2017



David Gilbert lives in Oak Park and is a new OPAL Artist Member. David is a photographer and has been creating his work for 40+ years. 


Share a little about yourself, your ideas, and process. How did you approach your work? What motivates you as an artist? Are your passions or interests reflected in your work? 

The theme I want to address online should be entitled "Majority" - for the massive global majority that enjoys no privilege from color, gender or class. That has no lobbyist. That sometimes needs help and sometimes helps someone else. That has, and deserves, empathy.


Describe the work you will be sharing in this exhibit. Is it a new series? Are you exploring a medium, theme or subject? Do you have a title for this body of work? 
I was influenced by the author, Vladimir Nabokov, who advised writers and artists to "avoid the cliche of your time." I thought about my art-making, and made the art I thought of. Until November 2016. When Nabokov's admonition became an unaffordable luxury. Our "time" has been overwhelmed by ignorant and aggressive baby-men and their hedge fund patrons. Resistance isn't a "cliche" today - it's an imperative. I want my images to act as embers that, when added to the embers of a million other artists and activists, create a conflagration of resistance against bigotry and greed. Let the cliche of our time come from the Spanish Civil War - no pasaran!


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