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Art for Social Change: We are Enough

October 13 – November 3

In this 21st Century digital age of social media and handheld photo editors, we are inundated with images of

our friends, family and cultural icons. One would think this proliferation of photographs would generate a

greater acceptance of varying body types. But more than ever, images are projected in the gaze of societal

norms and conventions of what is beautiful and ideal. The differences and imperfections that make a human

body unique reveal much about one's personal narrative and rarely align with the common standard of young,

slim, white, able and whole. 

An Oak Park Art League Art for Social Change initiative, We are Enough asked artists to explore the many

facets of body image and its relationship to self-acceptance and love. In selecting from the many submissions,

juror Susan Sensemann presents a broad range of themes centered on body image and identity that will start

conversation, influence thought, and foster a broader understanding of self and others.

Juror Statement:

Self-worth is a birthright that is essential to our lives as human beings. It is as deep-rooted as the inhale and

exhale of our breath and the placement of our bare feet on the earth. Being present, grounded, engaged and

alive to possibility is a right and not a privilege of rank or race, not a norm established by any other’s measure

of worth. Owning the right to be oneself? Finding a state of mind that accommodates our individual and

inherent power? Inhabiting our bodies with willful and full-throated acknowledgement? Where do our own

rhythms reside? Holding ourselves close and dear is greater than pride, richer than currencies of style or

expectation. We are more than enough.

Thirty-six works in this exhibition demand our attention as we strip the myths bare, become warriors of the

spirit and enumerate the sum of our glorious parts. We touch a bicycle rack and raise a leg in tondu-side, all

grace and strength extended. With the fragile beauty of hope we shape ourselves and don a striped dress. We

expose what lies within the shaman’s gaze - our wits and heartache - and know the vessel of our sanctity.  Oh

sister, sisters, brothers, we portray ourselves as connected beating hearts. We are more than enough.

Susan Sensemann

We Are Enough: Exhibiting Artists